Heretto Connector for Docusaurus

Heretto CCMS enables you to publish content to a Docusaurus-built site hosted on Netlify or to generate a static Docusaurus site that you can preview locally and deploy on your own.

Note: The Heretto Connector for Docusaurus may be disabled on your Heretto CCMS instance. If you want to enable it, contact your Customer Success Manager.
Figure 1. Default Docusaurus Static Site
Default Docusaurus site example

Known Limitations of Heretto Connector for Docusaurus

Before you decide to publish with Docusaurus, consider the following limitations of Heretto Connector for Docusaurus.

Publishing large and complex publications
Docusaurus sites are recommended for small, internal publications. The recommended limit for Docusaurus maps is 2 GB or 1,500 dependencies. Exceeding this limit may cause issues during publishing and deployment.
Publishing multiple versions of your publications
If you need to publish multiple versions of the same publications, for example, version 1.0 and 2.0, Docusaurus is not an ideal solution for you. Adding new versions to your site increases its size and may lead to future errors. Deploying new versions to Docusaurus is not straightforward and requires working with the Docusaurus framework. You can learn more about versioning in Docusaurus at

Support of Heretto Connector for Docusaurus

Docusaurus is a third-party solution that Heretto CCMS integrates with. Because of that we can provide limited Docusaurus support.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need help with:

  • Heretto guidelines related to managing your Docusaurus publishing scenarios

  • Errors related to publishing content from Heretto CCMS

Check Docusaurus documentation and community at if you need help with:

  • Troubleshooting errors encountered when building your site locally

  • Docusaurus or community-supported plugins

  • Template management in your GitHub repository

  • Styling your Docusaurus site