Insert Links to Elements in Other Topics

You can create a direct inline link to an element in another topic by using cross-references.

Remember: Linking to elements in other topics is not a best practice because it forces users to leave the context they are in and jump to a different location. Instead of linking to an element in another topic, consider reusing that element to create the experience of smooth flow of content.
  1. Open a topic and place your cursor where you want to insert a link.
  2. In the toolbar, click Insert Link .

    The Link dialog opens with the A File in Heretto option selected.

  3. Click Select file.
  4. In the Library dialog, select the file that contains the element that you want to link to and click the Link Inside File (Select Target Element) button.
  5. Select the element you want to link to:
    1. In the Create/Edit Link dialog, click an element and select it from the list that appears.
    2. If prompted about the element ID, click OK and Save.

      Heretto CCMS generates ID values automatically, but you can enter your own values. The ID values must be unique. Assigning customized values may boost consistency in your documentation.

    3. Click the Insert Content button.
  6. Optional: Change the link text by placing your cursor in the link and entering custom text.

    We don't recommend customizing the link text. You need to maintain and modify custom links each time the content changes and the link text is no longer relevant. You need to do that everywhere the link is used.

You inserted a link to an element in another topic.