Inline Links Overview

Inline links enable you to insert links to other content in line with text in a topic.

Inline Links

Inline links enable you to add links in line with text. All inline link types use the same element, cross-reference (xref). Their properties and behavior change based on the attributes that are set on the cross-reference.

File in Heretto

Direct links to topics and files in the CCMS.

Key (Key reference)

Indirect links to other topics in the CCMS.

Element in this file (Local link)

Links to elements in the same topic, for example, to a figure or a step.

URL (External link)

Links to resources that are not part of the current document, for example, web pages.

URL (Peer link)

Links to resources that are part of the current set of content but might not be accessible at build (publishing) time.


Keep the following considerations in mind when adding inline links:

  • Inline links may tempt readers to click the link and navigate away from the current content before they finish reading it.
  • We recommend maintaining a consistent introduction of inline links throughout your documentation. For example, you can introduce links by using the following phrase: For more information, see link.
  • Various publishing engines and publishing scenarios may handle links differently. Always ensure that the links are resolved and rendered as expected in the output.