DITA Open Toolkit Overview

The DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) is an open source publishing engine that converts DITA content into multiple output formats, like PDF or HTML. Output formats are also referred to as transformation types or output types.

DITA-OT Capabilities

Out of the box, DITA-OT enables you to publish to multiple output formats. Common output formats are HTML5 and PDF, although many other output formats are available. The available formats depend on the toolkit version and its plugins. Learn more at dita-ot.org.

By default, DITA-OT enables you to publish content with simple styling applied. You can expand the publishing capabilities by adding custom DITA-OT plugins, custom fonts, or PDF Formatters such as Antenna House.

Tip: With the right skills, you can develop DITA-OT plugins on your own. We can also recommend partners who provide DITA-OT customization services.

Where to Learn about DITA-OT

The top three resources we recommend for those who want to learn how to customize DITA-OT, and especially how to customize DITA-OT plugins, are:

A great way to create a simple custom plugin is by using the free PDF Plugin Generator available at dita-generator.elovirta.com.