Create a Map

Maps enable you to build deliverables.
  1. In the Content Library, navigate to a folder and click Create New.
  2. Select the map type you want to create.
  3. Enter a Title and File name.
  4. Optional: Create the file in a folder different from the current folder by clicking Change and selecting a new location.
  5. Optional: Assign the file to collections by clicking Collections and selecting collections from the list.
  6. Optional: Assign metadata to the file by filling in the Metadata fields.
  7. Optional: Click the Permanent Deletion Date field, and select when the file should be permanently deleted.
  8. Do one of the following:
    • To create and open the file, click Create & Edit.
    • To create the file and return to the Content Library, click Create.

If you filled in the Permanent Deletion Date field, the file will be permanently deleted on the date you set.

Warning: This action is irreversible. You cannot restore permanently deleted files.