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Filtering and Personalization

Defining audiences in a map or for a deployment enables your content to reach the recipients you intend for it. This way users receive the information that is relevant to them, and are restricted from accessing other content.

Define Audiences in a Map

Heretto Deploy API enables you to filter content by associating DITAVALs with maps and by using tokens.

  1. Insert the data element into the sitemap: <data name="content-api-audience" value="audience_name" href="ditaval_path"/>
  2. Optional: To profile a map for multiple audiences, add multiple data elements to a map.
Table 1. Data Element Attribute Values
audience_nameThe name of the audience. This name is used during Single Sign-On and can be used for the JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication. See Link Variables.audience_a
ditaval_pathThe path to the DITAVAL file.ditavals/audience_a.ditaval

Define Audiences in Deployments

You can define audiences for entire deployments in the Heretto user interface.

  1. In the top-left corner, click the Main Menu and go to Deployments.
  2. In the interface:
    • Click New Deployment.
    • Click the name of an existing deployment, then in the next window, click Edit deployment.
  3. Click Add audience.
  4. Name the audience.
  5. Click Add file and select a DITAVAL file from the Content Library.
  6. Optional: If you want an audience to be the default audience for a deployment, select Default.
  7. Save.

Define Parameters with Tokens

When you use a DITAVAL to define a map, a JSON Web Token (JWT) passes the parameter values to filter the content based on authentication.

The JWT passes the DITAVAL information added to a link as a parameter. The token parameter supports every Deploy API endpoint. For more information about JWTs, see Authentication and Security.

The following example shows a link to unfiltered content. The link does not include the audience parameter.


The following example shows a link to filtered content. The link includes the audience parameter.


Table 2. Link Variables
web_asset_addressYour website or web application address.
sitemap_pathThe path to the sitemap UUID that you profile for different audiences.guides/installation-guide/b24a39d0-e564-11e9-a84f-0242d5a6215b
endpointAn endpoint of your choice.

See API Endpoint Specification.

JWTThe JWT.02b2mf12ak033850fg222n502gb01503&full=true
audience_nameThe audience name matching the @value attribute value of the DITAVAL data element. audience_a