Coffee Brewing

At Heretto, we're as serious about our coffee as we are about content. In this guide, you'll learn to hand brew coffee using Heretto's four preferred methods. Each method produces significantly different tasting notes.
We recommend using the Hario V-60 if you're drinking the Heretto custom blend, available from Aporia Coffee Roasters.
Note: Be sure that whatever coffee you use is from a specialty coffee roaster to ensure the most flavorful and unique cup of coffee. We're happy to recommend our favorite coffee roasters. Contact your Heretto representative for recommendations.

Heretto Blend Coffee

The Heretto blend has Pradera (Columbian) and Kossa Rada (Ethiopian) in a 60/40 ratio, which means the coffee has the rich cocoa finish from the Pradera, while not minimizing the citrus-punch from the Kossa Rada.