Heretto CCMS v22.x Release Notes

Heretto CCMS v22.x is a new, modernized user interface with boatloads of enhancements! We've also made sure to bundle in some important bug fixes. Be sure to check back as we continue to add more release notes here.

Release Date

GA - January 8th, 2022


Heretto CCMS v22.x introduces lots of new user-focused features and enhancements. Examples of these enhancements include:

  • a completely overhauled user experience

  • a new localization system that offers side-by-side viewing and editing of localized and source content

  • a new resource drawer that provides quick access to all content management features

  • a verification system for easily keeping track of documents' status

  • an integrated dashboard and content library system.

For details on all features, refer to the Heretto CCMS User Guide.



  • We've added the ability to configure additional parameters for PDF Generator publishing.

    Figure 1. PDF Generator Parameters
  • Docusaurus builds are now handling glossary terms as tooltips in the final output.


  • Docusaurus publishes in multiple languages are now delivered in separate zip packages, which only makes sense.


  • Docusaurus now correctly builds maps that are using glossary terms as keyrefs.

  • We've squashed a bug that was causing an internal server error message when trying to preview a publish from the publishing scenario configuration interface for the PDF Generator.

    Figure 2. PDF Generator Publish Preview



  • Notify fields in Assignments apparently had gone on vacation. They're back now and excited to work.

    Figure 3. Notify Fields
  • Links to assignments weren't routing users to the Assignments UI. Thanks to a great team of developers, they are once again routing correctly.



  • For some reason, the "include linked files" box wasn't checked by default. It is now, and so if you don't want to include dependencies when branching, you'll need to uncheck that box.

Content Manager


  • We were silly and removed the Location link in the Resource Drawer. What a mistake. We've added it back.

    Figure 4. Location Link
  • Using / or \ in the search bar was breaking the search. No longer. Use those slashes all you'd like.

Checking In

Hi. How is everyone? We know the past couple of years have been tough. We've all been busy. Life has seemed extra chaotic for most of us.

We want you to know that we're with you.

Take care of people, and yourself. Help your colleagues. They'll appreciate it. Ask for help if you need. That's an okay thing to do.

Let's all keep our heads up. There are great things ahead.



  • Updated locales for binary files, such as images, are reflected correctly in the Locales UI.



  • We've rebranded! Unfortunately, new account emails were still sent from They're now sent from

  • Topichead wrapper elements now include the lang attribute.