Heretto CCMS 21.15 Release Notes

Heretto CCMS 21.15 introduces improvements to the content editor and publishing functionalities.

All components of this Heretto CCMS release have been thoroughly tested and approved, according to Heretto CCMS SOC2-validated testing protocols, described in the Heretto Software Testing Standard Operating Procedures document.

Release Date

September 3rd, 2021

Content Editor


  • Adding text to annotated images no longer causes XML errors.

  • Content referenced (conreffed) topics render correctly now.

  • Processing instructions are correctly inserted now.


    Processing instructions are automatically added by Heretto CCMS when you add comments or suggestions in the Content Editor. Incorrectly inserted processing instructions may have caused some publishing issues.



  • Added a BETA label for publishing scenarios created in early access publishing engines.

    New publishing scenarios marked with a "BETA" label
  • Heretto PDF Generator: You can now publish documents with unresolved references (broken links).

  • Added support for the @collection-type="family" attribute in relationship tables.

    Figure 1. Example
            <relcell collection-type="family">
                <topicref href="topic1.dita"/>
                <topicref href="topic2.dita"/>
                <topicref href="topic3.dita"/>
  • Users are now allowed to specify a parameter value when publishing with PDF Generator. To be able to do that, check the appropriate checkbox while creating a new PDF Generator scenario. It is only possible to enable this option while creating a new publishing scenario.

    The "User settable" checkbox that appears while creating a new PDF Generator scenario


  • Heretto PDF Generator: Page numbers in the Table of Contents (TOC) are now correct for topics referenced multiple times and for topics with the same root @ID attribute.