Heretto CCMS 21.14 Release Notes

Heretto CCMS 21.14 introduces improvements to the content editor and publishing functionalities.

All components of this Heretto CCMS release have been thoroughly tested and approved, according to Heretto CCMS SOC2-validated testing protocols, described in the Heretto Software Testing Standard Operating Procedures document.

Release Date

August 20th, 2021

Content Editor


  • @coldwidth attributes are no longer added when you insert a table element.

  • In the Suggesting mode, you can now paste text into newly inserted elements.



  • Heretto Connector for Docusaurus: Fixed an issue with site titles localization.

  • Heretto PDF Generator: Fixed an issue that prevented you from filtering your content with multiple DITAVAL files.



  • Fixed an issue that duplicated content in merged files.