Heretto Deploy

Heretto Deploy enables you to instantaneously deliver content from Heretto CCMS to a customizable and dynamic portal.

Note: This feature may be unavailable on your Heretto CCMS instance. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager to ensure that there is a portal connected to your Heretto CCMS instance.

Heretto Deploy

The dynamic content delivery solution includes a robust content delivery API infrastructure that enables you to publish content from your Heretto CCMS content library to a modern documentation portal.

With our Heretto Deploy API and Content Portal features, you can:

  • Instantaneously deliver your content to a modern, responsive, and lightweight documentation portal or your own endpoint
  • Maintain large sets of versioned content (50,000+ topics)
  • Leverage strong SEO performance
  • Personalize content based on your audience
Figure 1. Deployment to Content Portal
Deploy solution explanation - deployment to content portal
Figure 2. Deployment to custom endpoint
Deploy solution explanation - deployment to custom endpoint

Structured and Faceted Search

The Heretto Deploy search engine is built on Lucene and enables you to leverage full text, fuzzy matching, and weighted search capabilities within your Content Portal. You can also use your custom-built CCMS taxonomy metadata to add search facets in the Content Portal so users can refine their search results.

Search bar

User Authentication and Content Filtering

Heretto Deploy enables you to specify different access levels on your Content Portal by using the Single Sign On (SSO) feature and DITAVALs to identify who the user is and what content they should have access to. This way, your users are identified, authenticated, and delivered only the specific, relevant content to individual users.

Heretto Deploy let you to filter your portal content by associating a DITAVAL with a sitemap. This enables you to quickly do the following:
  • Hide internal content from your public portal
  • Filter content by properties like language, region, or product
  • Filter content by version or release

Customizable Look and Feel

The Content Portal look and feel is customizable to match your brand, typography, and style guidelines. Customizing and configuring your Content Portal can be done directly in Heretto CCMS and enables a seamless integration with your other web properties.

Code Formatting

The Content Portal can automatically format code and highlight the code syntax in <codeblock> and <pre> elements. In the DITA source, you can specify the language type for each <codeblock> or <pre> element individually.