Headings and Navigation in Heretto Deploy

Headings generate automatically; you do not need to worry about choosing the right heading levels online.

Heretto CCMS derives heading levels from your content hierarchy. It applies the following rules when you publish your documentation online:

  • The title of the top-level element becomes an <h1> tag

  • Titles of the children elements become <h2> tags

  • If any of the children elements consist of sections, figures or other elements with titles, those titles will become <h3> tags

  • Any titles of the lower-level elements display as headings that correspond to their position in hierarchy

  • Heretto CCMS automatically sets correct heading levels. For example, <h4> should not be the first heading to appear after <h2>.

  • Headings are separate from the navigation. They connect to DITA <title> tags. On the other hand, <navtitle> DITA elements are responsible for the names shown in the navigation. These two types of titles may not necessarily be the same.

Let's consider the following map structure in Heretto CCMS:

Map structure in Heretto CCMS

When the map is published, Heretto Deploy shows the map structure like this:

Layer 1
  • Content Strategies is our main map here.

  • Maps can make editing easier. Map titles are never visible in the menu.

  • Document History is not displayed online since the audience attribute has been set to print. In this example Heretto Deploy prevents such documents from displaying online with a configuration.

  • Global shared is a variable warehouse with processing-role set to resource-only so it will not be present both in print and online.

  • Positions in the left navigation pane correspond to the topic titles. This area enables moving between different URLs. Child topics of the Linking topics are not visible here because the chunk attribute of the parent topic was set to to-content. Otherwise, they would be a part of the menu.

In the above example topic titles correspond to the following heading levels:

  • “Linking Strategies” - Heading 1

  • “Inline Links Overview” - Heading 2

  • “Local Cross-References” - Heading 3

  • “Peer Cross-References” - Heading 3

  • “External Cross-References” - Heading 3

  • “Key References” - Heading 3

  • “Block Links Overview” - Heading 2

  • Section titles and titles of other elements render as headings of accordingly lower ranks. Sections are not visible in any navigation pane.