Profile Topic Elements

Use the Content Editor to apply conditional processing attributesto elements in a topic for conditional publishing.

The default conditional processing attributes are: audience, rev, platform, product, props, and otherprops.
  1. In the Content Library double-click a topic or a map.
  2. Place your cursor in the element you want to set a conditional processing attribute values on.
    Note: We recommend profiling grammatically independent elements, not individual words or phrases. This is especially important when localizing the content, since at least a complete sentence provides sufficient context for accurate translation memory and machine translation matching. This is true even if you reuse text across alternative elements for different conditions. When localizing content, it's always best to think of it grammatically first, then structurally.
  3. Click Attributes to open the Attributes tab.
  4. Navigate to the conditional processing attribute that you want to define, for example audience.
  5. Enter the values for each conditional processing attribute that defines the condition to which the profiled content applies.
    Tip: To add multiple values for conditional processing attributes, insert a space between each value.
  6. Press the Enter keyboard key to apply attribute values.
Depending on the action defined for a specific value at publish time, content is either flagged, excluded, or included. If you do not specify an action for a specific value, the default is to include the content (unless your publishing profile sets the default to exclude).