Deployments Overview

Types of deployments

There are two types of deployments: Active Sync and Manual Deploy.

Active Sync

Active Sync automatically publishes content updates to the Heretto Deploy Portal. Any change introduced in a topic or map will be immediately visible on your portal environment. This deployment type is particularly useful if you have a staging instance and want to preview content that is still work-in-progress.

Manual Deploy

Manual Deploy requires the deployment to be triggered by a Heretto CCMS Administrator. That means your updates will not be reflected in the Heretto Deploy Portal until a deployment is triggered manually. Manual Deploy enables you to control when content updates are visible in your portal instance. It's especially useful when you want to publish approved updates for a specific release to a production portal instance.

Known Limitations

  • You cannot deploy from a release. You can, however, branch a release and deploy from that branch.

  • Deployments do not warn about validation issues in your content. It does warn you about issues in the publish process.

  • There is no history of past publishes/deployments.