Sitemap Attributes Reference

To modify the site layout, you can apply specific @outputclass attributes in the associated sitemap.

<sitesection> attributes and <topichead> attributes

Note: <sitesection> elements are specialized <topichead> elements.

Default for <sitesection> elements.

  • Rendered as a navigation tile
  • Present in the main Table of Contents (TOC)

Default for <topichead> elements.

  • Not rendered as a navigation tile
  • Present in the main TOC

Default for <sitesection> elements with multiple versions of content. If you add this to the <sitesection> element, the version dropdown selector will render in the portal.

Tip: The following element pairs render in the same way:
  • <sitesection outputclass="hidden"> and <topichead>
  • <sitesection> and <topichead outputclass="tile">

<topicref> attributes

Hide a topic and its children from the main (left) TOC.
Chunk children topics to the parent topic. The parent topic displays as a single entry in the main (left) TOC.

Default and exclusive for <topicref> elements.

  • Rendered in the central content area