Localize Custom Sections

You can add new sections to your Heretto Deploy Portal home page. Section titles are saved as strings that need to be localized. This process also produces a valid structure even if you do not localize your content into multiple languages.

To learn more about adding new sections to the home page, refer to Add Custom Sections.

To explore general rules for strings localization in Heretto Deploy Portal, refer to Internationalized Strings Configuration Reference.

  1. Open the sitemap connected to your portal.
  2. Find the sitesection element related to the home page section that you want to localize.
  3. Expand the sitesection element to see the value of the data element.
    data value example
  4. Create a localization string variable that you will use in the next steps. It follows the pattern: label.your-value. Save or remember the string.
  5. Open the config.json file connected with your Heretto Deploy Portal.
  6. Add your localization string for every locale that you localize your Heretto Deploy Portal to.

    Locale codes in the config.json file have to be the same as the codes that you use during the localization process in Heretto CCMS.

       "i18n": {
          "en-us": {
             "label.about-us":"About us"
          "de-de": {
             "label.about-us":"Über uns"
  7. To localize contents of your additional sections, follow the standard localization process. You only need localization strings for section titles.

Go to the home page of your Heretto Deploy Portal and refresh it. You should now be able to see the updated title of the section in a selected language.