Developer Support

Our Heretto support team is available to assist you during the Heretto Deploy Portal development. In order to streamline the process, we request that you identify a lead contact on your team who will oversee the project.

Assigning a Development Lead

Organizations that opt to manage their own portal customizations need to designate a Development Lead who will act as the point of contact for both your team and the Heretto team during your portal implementation. That point of contact should manage all inquiries from within your organization and submit support requests for assistance.

The Development Lead can submit requests to our Support Portal in these ways:

CSM involvement

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can also assist you during the development of your portal.

In most cases, the CSM will direct you to submit a request to the support team. However, your CSM may be able to offer some advice and share general tips and recommendations on how to approach your Heretto Deploy Portal development project or point you to available resources.