Localize Heretto Deploy Portal text strings

The portal interface needs to be localized for each language you want to support.

By default, the portal UI text strings are in English (en). You can customize and localize the text strings.

  1. In the config.json file, locate the i18n statement.
      "i18n": {
            "en": {
                "label.tenant": "eboat",
                "label.section": "All Sections",
                "label.home": "Home",
                "label.sections": "Sections",
                "label.section-contents": "${label.section} ${label.contents}",
                "label.contents": "Contents",
                "label.filters": "Filters",
                "label.related": "Related",
                "label.resources": "Resources",
                "label.articles": "Articles",
                "label.featured": "Featured",
  2. For each new locale in the "i18n" statement, perform the following steps.
    1. Copy the entire "en" block, and paste a new entry after the close bracket for "en".
    2. In the new entry, change "en" to the appropriate two-letter code.
      Note: Use the two-letter language codes as noted in ISO-639-1.
    3. Replace the new locale's text strings with translations, as appropriate.
  3. Save and close the config.json file.

    When you activate the new locales in the portal deployment, the text strings in the user interface will be in the corresponding locale.