Configure Okta to provide SSO for Heretto Deploy Portal

Use your Okta application to provide authentication for some or all of the content in your Heretto Deploy Portal.

This task presumes that the person performing the actions has the appropriate user permissions in your organization's Okta system to create new integrations.
Using Okta to authenticate Heretto Deploy Portal has two configuration steps. First you set up a new application in Okta. Then you set up the portal configuration to recognize Okta as the identity service provider (IDP). This task describes setting up the new application in Okta.
  1. In your Okta dashboard, click the Create App Integration button.
    The Create a new app integration screen opens.Okta create new app integration screen
  2. In the Sign-in method area, select OIDC - OpenID Connect.
  3. In the Application type area, select Web application.
  4. Click Next.
    The application details screen opens.Okta application details screen
  5. In the App integration name field, type a name for your app integration.
    We recommend a name related to this integration, for example, Heretto Portal.
  6. In the Sign-in redirect URIs field, copy and paste this URL: Replace portal-sub-domain-name with your customer portal sub-domain name.
    You can identify your portal sub-domain from your live portal website. Typically your portal sub-domain is the same as your Heretto CCMS name.
    Tip: If you're unsure about your portal sub-domain name, ask your Customer Success Manager to provide it.
  7. In the Sign-out redirect URIs field, copy and paste this URL: Replace portal-sub-domain-name with the portal sub-domain name that you identified in the previous step.
  8. Configure the additional settings for the application as appropriate for your organization.
  9. Click Save.
  10. In Okta, navigate to Applications > General for the application that you just created.
    okta client information screen
  11. In the Client Credentials area, copy both the Client ID and the Client Secret into a document or email.
  12. In the General Settings area, copy the Okta domain into the same document or email.
  13. Provide this information to your Heretto Customer Success Manager so that they can configure your Heretto Deploy Portal to use your Okta application for portal authentication.
Once your portal is configured to use your Okta application, your Customer Success manager will notify you so that you can test the configuration.