Designing a Workflow

With a Heretto Enterprise subscription, you can design custom workflows to use when assigning work in Heretto CCMS. This guide will help you define workflows that align with your content development process. Once you've defined your workflows, your CSM can get the workflow configured for you so it displays as an option in the Assignments interface.

Workflow Design Considerations

When you begin designing a workflow, think about how your content development process currently runs and if there are ways to improve it. Keep in mind that you can design multiple workflows if different publications or types of assignments follow different processes.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What different deliverables does my organization produce?
  • Who writes the content?
  • Who reviews the content?
  • Who contributes to the content?
  • What approvals are required and who can approve the content?
  • Are there any limitations that should be in place for accessing the content?
  • Are there any processes that should be automated?

Workflow Components

Once you have a general idea of your workflow requirements, you can begin defining your workflows. There are three components to a workflow you must define:

  • Steps
  • Multiple Assignees
  • Triggers