Heretto PDF Generator

The Heretto PDF Generator enables Administrators to create custom PDF transformation scenarios in Heretto CCMS.

Note: For detailed information on the Heretto PDF Generator templates customization, refer to the Heretto PDF Generator Templates Development Guide.

Heretto PDF Generator Interface

You access the Heretto PDF Generator configuration interface from the Main Menu.

PDF Generator Operation

The Heretto PDF Generator includes a DITA to HTML processor and a fast PDF publishing engine that uses CSS to style the PDF output. In addition to CSS, for advanced customizations, the Heretto PDF Generator enables you to use HTML and XSLT. The Heretto PDF Generator uses Prince XML as the publishing engine and supports the following CSS specifications.

In contrast to the Heretto PDF Generator, other publishing engines (for example, DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT)) use much less user-friendly markup languages for PDF styling.

Once you create and save a publishing scenario, you can use it to transform your DITA content. The publishing scenarios are editable so you can change the styling associated with a scenario at any time.