Heretto Connector for DITA Open Toolkit

The DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) is an open source publishing engine that converts DITA content into multiple output formats.

DITA-OT Capabilities

Out of the box, the DITA-OT enables you to publish to the following formats1:

  • PDF
  • HTML5
  • HTML Help ePub
  • eBook
  • JavaHelp
  • RTF

By default, the DITA-OT enables you to publish content with simple styling applied. The publishing capabilities can be expanded by adding the DITA-OT plugins that enable you to produce branded and styled output.

Tip: You can develop the DITA-OT plugins on your own or use our professional services. We can also recommend partner vendors who provide the DITA-OT customization services.
1 The available transformation types depend on the DITA-OT version and DITA-OT plugins.