DOCX to DITA Conversion Overview

Use the Convert to DITA option to turn your DOCX files into valid and well-formed DITA files.

Tip: You can pre-format your Microsoft® Word documentation before converting it to DITA to exercise control over the conversion process.

Conversion Matrices

Table 1. Structural Elements Conversion Matrix
Important: The ignored structural elements are not included in the converted DITA files. For example, the DOCX subtitles are not visible in the DITA files after conversion.
Document TitleMap title element
Heading 1New DITA topic with the title element corresponding to the Heading 1
Headings 2, 3, etc.title element for subsequent sections in the same topic
Paragraphparagraph element
Document SubtitleIgnored
Page BreakIgnored
Table 2. Formatted Text Conversion Matrix
Important: The ignored text formatting is not visible in the converted DITA files. For example, highlighted text in a DOCX file is converted to DITA as plain text.
Boldbold element
Bulleted Listunordered list element
Footnotefootnote element
Imageimage element
Italicsitalics element
Ordered Listordered list element
Subscriptsubscript element
Superscriptsuperscript element
SymbolsPlain text symbols
Tabletable element
Underlineunderline element
Text AlignmentIgnored
Text ColoringIgnored
Table 3. Metadata Conversion Matrix
DOCX metadataDITA metadata