Read and Write Permissions

If you are an Administrator, you can manage read and write permissions to restrict user groups from reading and writing to folders, maps, and files.

User Roles

Heretto CCMS includes two general types of user roles (Administrator and non-Administrator roles). For more information, see User Roles, Permissions, and Privileges.

Administrators can allow or deny user groups to read and write:

  • Folders (including or excluding subfolders)
  • Maps (including or excluding map dependencies and resource-only files)
  • Files

If you are unable to change the read permissions for a given file/folder, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Permission Types

There are two permission types that determine what a user group can do with a particular folder, map, or file.

Read Permissions
If you don't have permissions to read a resource, you:
  • Cannot see or access the resource in the content library
  • Cannot branch, release, edit, and run reports on the resource
  • Cannot see the resource in the Activity interface
  • Cannot access the resource through a WebDAV connection (for example, while using oXygen)
  • Can publish the resource but its content is replaced with restricted access notification in the output
  • Can only see restricted link text of the links that lead to the resource
Write Permissions
If you don't have permissions to write to a resource, you cannot:
  • Edit the resource in the Content Editor or Source Editor
  • Edit the resource metadata
  • Manage the resource in the content library (for example, move, lock, or rename the resource)
  • Edit the resource through a WebDAV connection (for example, while using oXygen)
  • Update the resource locales

Permissions Management

In the content library, Administrators can assign the read and write permissions to a single or multiple resources.
Tip: If you want to set permissions for child folders, map dependencies, and resource-only files appended in a map, you can do that only through the Bulk Change window. To do so, right-click a map or a folder and select Bulk Change > Permissions.
Figure 1. Folder Permissions Change
folder permissions change
Figure 2. Bulk Permissions Change
bulk permissions change
Figure 3. Read and Write Permissions Indicator.

In the content library, the Permissions icon corresponds to the resources with read and write permissions assigned.

permission indicator


  • By default, all users have access to the entire content library.
  • If you apply multiple access rules, the first rule takes precedence over the rest of the rules.

    Example: If a user is denied permissions by the first rule but is also granted permissions by the second rule, the user would be denied permission because the first rule takes precedence.

  • Administrators can be restricted from accessing folders, maps or files just like regular users. However, Administrators can add themselves to user groups that have access to a particular folder, map, or file at any time.
    Remember: We recommend to carefully select your Heretto CCMS Administrators.