Context Menu

Use the context menu to modify your files, access information about the file, or open tabs in the resource manager.


You open the context menu by right-clicking a file or folder in the content library. The context menu may include the following items:

Copy Share URL

Copies a link that directly leads to a given file or a folder in the content library. You can use it to quickly share a file or folder with other Heretto CCMS users.


Opens a resource in the Content Editor.

Edit in new tab

Opens a resource in the Content Editor but in a separate browser tab.

Edit Source

Opens a resource in the Source Editor.

Open in Oxygen

Opens a resource in oXygen.


Enables Administrators to manually lock or unlock resources.


Lists advanced operations that you can perform on your files. The same options are available in the the Resource Details Drawer.


Downloads a given file or folder. You can download a single file or a given file with all dependencies (all linked items).

In the case of maps, you can also select Download > Custom and download a map for custom Static Site Generator scenarios development.

Move to Trash

Moves a file or folder to trash.


Moves a file or folder to another folder.


Renames a file or folder.


Duplicates a given file.

Bulk Change

Enables you to bulk-change metadata or permissions for a given file or folder.

Set Permissions

Enables you to set access permissions for a given resource.

New Assignment
Enables you to create a new assignment for a given resource.
New Folder
Creates a new folder in the content library.

When you hover over View, you will see the following options:

Shows the details of a given resource.
Opens the Output tab.
Opens the Assignments tab.
Opens the Branching tab.
Opens the Releases tab.
Opens the Locales tab.
Localization Jobs
Opens the Jobs tab.
Shows link dependencies of a given resource.
Opens the Reports tab.
Shows how a resource changed with each edit.

Opens the The for a given resource. Verification system provides a robust way to ensure a given document has been reviewed and verified.