Use the Trash to view and restore files that have been deleted from the content library. Files moved to the Trash stay there and are not deleted permanently.


When you right-click a file and select Move to Trash, the file is removed from the file listing and moved to the Trash. To access the Trash, in the content library, click Trash.

content library image

Each remove event is stored as a trash event. A trash event can contain more than one file. For example, if you remove multiple files at once, this remove will only create one trash event. And you can choose to restore all the files in a trash event or just one file.

restore from trash image

Heretto CCMS does not let you move a file to the Trash if the file has any link dependencies. You must remove all dependencies before moving files to the trash. This ensures that moving files to the Trash does not result in broken links between files.