Browse Tab

Use the Browse tab in the content library to navigate folders in your content repository.


Figure 1. Browse Tab
browse content

By default, the content library contains the following folders and buttons:


Shows all your system notifications.


Starred files are personal bookmarks used to quickly access a file.


Lists all the files that you have recently been working with. There is no limit to the number of files being displayed. This section lists all the files that you have ever interacted with, starting with the most recent ones.


Files are organized into folders and subfolders.


Files are organized into folders in subfolders. This folder contains your configuration files like topic templates, Heretto PDF Generator scenarios or Heretto Deploy.


Files are sorted into a collection for organization and classification. Collections are different from folders in that files can only be organized into one folder, but they can appear in multiple collections.


Lists all the assignments in the system. You can filter out different types of assignments.

Localization Jobs

Lists all the localization jobs, both current and completed.


Removed files are shown in the Trash, though they are never deleted from your repository.