Localization with a Source Package

A source package includes both textual content and media content.

Package Contents

A source package can contain the following resources:

Note: Only translatable elements are included in the package. This means that elements with the translate attribute set to no are not included in the packages.
Target Language Folder
The folder that your localization provider uses to localize content. When you create a source package, you select locales, or target languages, for your localization job. For each of the locales, you'll generate a separate folder in the source package.

The folders are named using the locale code. For example, the folder for Canadian French localization is named fr-ca, and the folder for Polish localization is named pl.

Each target language folder contains the map targeted in the localization job and all dependencies, including submaps, topics and media. The files are located in a folder structure that is identical to your Heretto CCMS folder structure.

Note: The package contains complete text content from the dependencies of the map, including resource-only topics. In other words, the content added with content references (conref) or content key references (conkeyref) is localized.
Source Language Reference Folder
A folder that contains the source map and all dependencies in the source language. The files are located in a folder structure that is identical to your Heretto CCMS folder structure.
Important: The files can be used by your localization provider as a reference during the localization process. None of the files located in this folder should be localized. To localize content, your localization provider should use the target language folder(s).
Project Notes
Notes that you add when you create a localization job. Project notes are useful to share information with the localization provider.
Remember: Always ask the localization provider to read the project-notes.txt file included in the package. Otherwise, they may ignore it.