Localization with a Media Package

A media package bundles all media files related to a map such as diagrams or screen captures.

Package Contents

A media package can contain the following resources:

Media Files

The target language folder, for example, fr-ca or pl, is the folder your localization provider uses to localize content. When you create a media package, you select locales, or target languages, for your localization job.

Each locale generates a separate folder in the media package. The folders are named by locale code, for example, the folder for Canadian French localization is named fr-ca, and the folder for Polish localization is named pl.

Manifest XML File
Each target language folder contains media files that are located in a folder structure that is identical to your Heretto CCMS folder structure. Each target language folder also contains a manifest.xml file that contains a list of media resources and their destination in the package.

The manifest.xml file can be used by the localization provider to effectively navigate the folder structure of the Media Package and ensure all files are localized.

Figure 1. Manifest XML File Example.

In the following example, you can see a media resource named Classic_Toaster.jpg and its destination in the folder structure.

<item resource-uuid="0d06da50-1169-11e6-9ac7-bc764e105744" resource-name="Classic_Toaster.jpg"