Open a Heretto CCMS Resource in oXygen

Open resources in oXygen by clicking the Open in Oxygen button in the content library.

  1. Establish connection between Heretto CCMS and oXygen by expanding the Connections tree in the Data Source Explorer oXygen pane.
    Figure 1. Data Source Explorer Pane
    Data Source Explorer pane
  2. In Heretto CCMS, navigate to a resource in the content library and click the oXygen icon.
    Remember: If the oXygen icon is not showing, contact your Customer Success Manager.
  3. In the content library, right-click a resource and select Open in oXygen.
  4. If you open a Heretto CCMS resource in oXygen for the first time, do the following:
    1. In the application selection dialog specific to your operating system, select the oXygen version you want to use.
    2. If applicable, check the Remember my choice for webdavs links check box.
      You select the Remember my choice for webdavs links check box so you don't have to do #task-3528__substep_lb3_vmf_5jb every time you open a resource.
  5. Click OK.