Connect oXygen with Heretto CCMS

oXygen uses the WebDAV protocol to connect with Heretto CCMS.

If you use a Single-Sign On (SSO) solution to log on to your Heretto CCMS instance, generate a token for use in the password field. See Generate a Token.
  1. In oXygen, click Window > Show View > Data Source Explorer.
    Figure 1. Data Source Explorer Pane
  2. In the Data Source Explorer pane, click .
    Figure 2. Preferences Window
  3. Under Connections, click +.
    Figure 3. Connection Window
  4. Complete the following fields:
    FieldField EntryExample
    NameYour company nameHeretto
    WebDAVYour Heretto CCMS repository URL
    UserYour Heretto CCMS user
    PasswordYour Heretto CCMS password or tokenpassword
  5. Click OK.
You can now access your Heretto CCMS resources in oXygen. Use the Data Source Explorer pane to navigate the folders.