Integrate Heretto CCMS and oXygen

You integrate Heretto CCMS with oXygen by establishing a connection through the WebDAV protocol and installing the appropriate oXygen plugin.

CAUTION: Install oXygen in a default location. Installing oXygen in a custom location may result in a failure to integrate Heretto CCMS with oXygen.
  1. Establish connection between oXygen and Heretto CCMS. See Connect oXygen with Heretto CCMS.
  2. Ensure that the Open in oXygen button is enabled in your content library. If not, contact your Customer Success Manager.
  3. Download and organize the oXygen plugin installation files. See Prepare the oXygen Plugin for Installation.
  4. Do one of the following:
  5. Test the plugin installation. See Open a Heretto CCMS Resource in oXygen.