Implement a Contextual Help

Assign unique IDs to topics or topic elements and map these IDs into applications.

Plan the contextual help implementation process with software developers and discuss the ID naming convention. See Contextual Help Implementation Guidelines.
Note: There are two general workflows enabling you to implement contextual helps into applications:
  • Assign IDs to the documentation first and then provide the IDs to software developers who map the IDs into the application.

  • Obtain the IDs mapped into the application from software engineers and then assign the IDs in the documentation.

  1. Develop new documentation or reuse the existing documentation.
  2. If software developers have already mapped IDs into the application, obtain the IDs.
  3. Depending on the contextual help type, assign IDs to topics and topic elements by doing one of the following:
    1. Assign IDs to topics. See Assign IDs to Topics.
    2. Assign IDs to topic elements. See Assign IDs to Topic Elements.
  4. If software developers haven't mapped IDs into the application yet, provide them with the IDs assigned in the documentation.
    Tip: We can prepare a report that makes it easier for you to share the IDs assigned in the documentation or work out another solution to automatize this process.
    Software developers then map the IDs into the application.
  5. If necessary, provide the help in the required format to software developers. See Publish.

    The DITA-OT is highly customizable and can be configured to publish content that conforms to your needs. For more information, see Publish.

    Software developers implement the contextual help into an application build.
We recommend testing the contextual help in the application after implementation.