Content Editor

The Content Editor enables users to simultaneously collaborate on DITA topics and maps. This is where authors create concepts and maps on Heretto CCMS. This editor lets authors work on content without understanding DITA tags and constraints. The Content Editor is available to all users in CCMS, with different modes depending on the user's role. At Heretto, we use the Content Editor to create our documentation.


Figure 1. Content Editor.

The following example shows a map opened in the Content Editor.

Map and topics open in the content editor


The toolbar enables you to perform common typographic and DITA-related actions.

Figure 2. Content Editor Toolbar
Content editor toolbar

Context Menu

The context menu appears when you right-click the content in the Content Editor, and it shows the available options given your cursor location in the content.

Right-click context menu

Quick Insert Menu

The quick insert menu enables you to quickly insert a DITA element in a valid position. You can open the menu by pressing Ctrl > Enter (Windows) or Cmd > Enter (Mac) or clicking the plus icon in the editor.

Figure 3. Quick Insert Menu
Element quick insert menu
Tip: The elements that display in the quick insert menu are context-sensitive. The arrows indicate where and what element will be inserted. Vertical arrows indicate that a new element will be inserted above or below the current element. Horizontal arrow indicates that a new element will be inserted as a child of the current element. To change the element suggestion mode, use the Insert drop-down menu and select Before , After or Intelligently.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Heretto CCMS enables you to quickly perform common actions by using keyboard shortcuts. You can access the keyboard shortcut list by clicking the keyboard icon in the toolbar.


When you hover over an element in the structure bar at the bottom of the Content Editor, the element will be highlighted and a curved arrow will point to it. If you click an element in the structure bar, Heretto CCMS gives you options for interacting with that element, such as removing it, moving it up or down in the topic, or inserting a new element before or after.

Figure 4. Footer
Footer context menu and element arrows