Navigational Headings

You need to insert navigational elements in your DITA map to display map titles in the output.

For more information, in the Technical Content Development Guide, see Maps with Map Hierarchy.

Map Without Navigational Headings

example map with no navigational headings

In this example, the “Main Map” (outlined in green) contains a hierarchy of submaps (outlined in blue). Publishing the “Main Map” generates the following navigation in a PDF output.

Figure 1. Navigation
example PDF output of a map with no navigational headings

The topic titles (“Topic A”, “Topic B”, “Topic C”, etc) show but the map titles (“Getting Started”, “Interface”, “Features”, “Controls”) do not. To show map titles, you need to define navigational heading elements in the map.

Map with Navigational Headings

The following examples show a map with hierarchy.

  • User Guide (main map)
    • Content Editor (submap)
      • Interface (topic)
      • Using the Content Editor (topic)
    • Source Editor (submap)
      • Interface (topic)
      • Using the Source Editor (topic)

The following example shows the source code for a map with navigational headings for each submap:

Figure 2. Map with Navigational Headings
example map with navigational headings
<map id="ditamap-user_guide-7358">
    <title>User Guide</title>

            <navtitle> Content Editor </navtitle>
        <mapref format="ditamap" href="content_editor.ditamap"/>

            <navtitle> Source Editor </navtitle>
        <mapref format="ditamap" href="source_editor.ditamap"/>