Create a Multilingual Map

Creating a multilingual map enables you to publish a multilingual deliverable.

  • Localize your content.
  • Create a map that you will use as a multilingual map. See Create a Map.
  1. In the content library, double-click on the multilingual map to open it in the Content Editor.
  2. Click the Open Library button to access files in your content library.
    Figure 1. Open Library Button
    Open Library button under the map tree lets the user access the files in their Content Library.
  3. Add the localized map or topic to the multilingual map by dragging and dropping the map or topic into the map tree.
    A video showcases the drag and drop function that allows the user to easily insert component(s) into a map tree.
An example of a table of content from a publication that contains the same map twice; once in English and once in Spanish.