Fix a macOS ZIP file for uploading to Heretto CCMS

This workaround enables you to successfully import ZIP files created with macOS Catalina (and later).

Apple changed the compression mechanism in macOS Catalina. As a result, attempts to import a default ZIP file into Heretto CCMS fail. If you have oXygen installed, there's an easy workaround to get past this inconvenience.
  1. In Finder, create the ZIP file by right-clicking a folder (or selection of files) and selecting Compress "folder_name".
    macOS creates a ZIP file.
  2. Open oXygen.
  3. From the Window menu, select Show View > Archive Browser.
  4. In the Archive Browser panel, click the Open Archive button, and navigate to the ZIP file you created.
    Archive Browser screenshot
    You can see the contents of the ZIP file in the Archive Browser panel.
  5. Delete the __MACOSX folder by doing any of the following:
    Archive Browser macOS folder
    • Click the __MACOSX folder and click the Delete (X) button on the Archive Browser menu bar.
    • Right-click the __MACOSX folder, and select Delete.
  6. Click the Close button to save your changes to the ZIP file.
    Archive Browser close button
You've now got a cleaned-up ZIP file that you can successfully upload into the Heretto CCMS environment.