Heretto CCMS 21.16 Release Notes

Heretto CCMS 21.16 includes fixes to our publish interface and system, as well as some enhancements.

Release Date

September 17th, 2021



  • Added DITAVAL validation to the publish interface. Heretto will complain to you if you add select a file that isn't a DITAVAL.

    Figure 1. DITAVAL validation
  • In the create PDF generator scenarios interface, we added some fun validation for duplicate XSLT parameters, if a value is empty, and added scrolling if you add lots of parameters.

  • Added feature flags that, when configured, implement the removal of old publish jobs based on the age of the publishes.


  • Removed the extra and unncessary "DITAVAL" field from the publish details window.

  • The context menu for pinned publish jobs no longer freezes.

  • Smashed a nasty little bug that caused past publishes listed to vanish when scrolling down. That doesn't happen now.



  • The DITA Attribute Report no longer returns a 400 error for users.



  • No longer enforcing lowercase letters in usernames, which was erroneously assigning to the assignment instead of correctly assigning to the assignment.