Migration from Microsoft Word

Move, manage, and convert your documentation created in Microsoft® Word.

Microsoft® Word Files Management in Heretto CCMS

Heretto CCMS enables you to upload, store, and manage native Microsoft® Word files. You cannot edit the DOCX files in the Content Editor or append them to your DITA maps.

You can, however, manage your DOCX files in the following ways:

  • Version files
  • Search for files
  • Apply file metadata

Microsoft® Word Files Conversion to DITA

Converting your Microsoft® Word documentation to the DITA format enables you to fully migrate your existing DOCX files to Heretto CCMS. You can automate the migration process by using the Convert to DITA option in the Content Library.

Remember: The DOCX files are much less structured and semantically labeled than DITA files. Depending on the Word document structure and text formatting, the conversion results may be different. You can pre-format your DOCX files to exercise more control over the conversion process.

For more information on the converter behavior, see DOCX to DITA Conversion Overview. We recommend reviewing and applying any necessary improvements to the DITA files converted from the DOCX format.

Important: Downloading a Google Docs™ file as a DOCX document and then converting the file to DITA may cause unexpected results. Heretto CCMS fully supports conversion of the DOCX files created in Microsoft® Word.