Migrate from Microsoft Word to Heretto CCMS

Migrating your Microsoft® Word documentation enables you to centralize your documentation development process and use the full potential of Heretto CCMS.

Important: You can only convert DOCX files to DITA. You cannot convert DOC files to DITA. You can save DOC files as DOCX files by using Microsoft® Word.
  1. Optional: Using Microsoft® Word, pre-format your DOCX files to ensure that the converter properly interprets their structure and text formatting. For more information on the converter behavior, see DOCX to DITA Conversion Overview.
    To prevent creating nested DITA topics, make every DOCX heading “Heading 1”.
    Important: Custom heading styles may cause unexpected conversion results. Ensure that your DOCX files use the default Microsoft® Word styles. For example, “Heading 1”, “Heading 2”, etc. If you want to bulk edit headings in a DOCX file, in the FAQs, see Prepare Your Microsoft® Word File for Conversion to DITA.
  2. Upload your documentation created in Microsoft® Word to Heretto CCMS. See Upload Files to the Content Library.
  3. Convert the DOCX files to the DITA format by doing the following:
    1. In the Content Library, navigate to the directory that contains the DOCX files.
    2. Right-click the DOCX file and select Convert to DITA.
    After a moment, a folder with converted files appear in the DOCX file directory.
  4. Organize the converted DITA files in your Content Library.
  5. Review and make any necessary changes to the converted DITA files.