Send Content to XTM for Localization

Create an XTM Package in Heretto CCMS, which can be sent directly from Heretto CCMS to XTM for localization.

To localize content using XTM packages, you must have an XTM International account.
Note: Integrating your Heretto CCMS instance with XTM International requires initial configuration. For more information, contact a Heretto Customer Success Manager.
Remember: You must use DITA maps and not standalone DITA topics to localize content.
  1. In the Content Library, click the map you want to localize.

    On the right side of the screen, the Resource Details Drawer appears.

  2. Create a localization package for a map by doing on of the following:

    Recommended: Create a localization package for a released map

    1. In the Resource Details Drawer, select Releases.

    2. In the Releases tab, go to the release you want to localize and click Localize.

    Create a localization package for a branched map

    1. In the Resource Details Drawer, select Branches. You will see the list of branches related to your map.

    2. In the Branching tab, switch to the branch that contains the map you want to localize.

    3. The Branching tab closes and you are back in the Content Library. Click the map you want to localize.

    4. In the Resource Details Drawer on the right of the screen, select the Jobs Tab.

    Create a localization package for a standard map

    In the Resource Details Drawer, select the Jobs Tab.

  3. Click the Create Localization Job Button.
  4. Configure the XTM localization package by completing the following steps:
    1. In the Job Type drop-down menu, select XTM Package.
    2. In the Manager drop-down menu, choose the person you want this project to be assigned to.
    3. Click the Locales field and select as many locales as you want.
    4. Click Due Date field and select the date when you want the action to be completed.
    5. In the Include drop-down menu. select the resources you want to send for translation.
    6. In the Customer drop-down menu , select the customer you want to assign the localization job to.
      Customer refers to the Localization Services Provider (LSP) who will be performing the localization work in XTM, or other Customer association you've set it up in XTM.
    7. In the Template drop-down menu, select the project template you want to use for the localization job.
      Template refers to the XTM project template for the localization job to follow, which may include things such as the workflow steps and assigned linguists.
  5. Click the Create Button.
    Figure 1. XTM Connector localization job interface.
    XTM start project menu
  6. Click Send Project to XTM.

Your localization job is created and a workflow initiated. Now you have access to the job in XTM, where you can make final changes before starting the project.