Upload a DITA-OT Publishing Engine

Administrators can upload a DITA-OT version of their choice.

Remember: Some DITA-OT plugins may require a specific version of the DITA-OT publishing engine. You can use different DITA-OT publishing engines and plugins in different publishing scenarios.
  • Obtain a ZIP file that contains a DITA-OT publishing engine.
    Tip: You can download different versions of a DITA-OT publishing engine from https://www.dita-ot.org/download
  1. In the Main Menu , click Plugins.
  2. If needed, select DITA Open Toolkit.
  3. Next to the Available DITA Open Toolkits list, click New.
  4. Click Browse and select the zipped DITA-OT publishing engine.
  5. Click Open.
The DITA-OT publishing engine that you uploaded shows in the Available DITA Open Toolkits list.
Use the DITA-OT publishing engine in a DITA-OT publishing scenario. See Create a DITA-OT Scenario.