Set up the PowerPoint Publishing Scenario

Configure a publishing scenario that you can use to generate the PowerPoint slides.

The publishing scenario provides the DITA Open Toolkit with the needed parameters to publish the PowerPoint slide output. Only Administrators can configure publishing scenarios.
  1. Open Heretto CCMS in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
    Note: The Plugins configuration is available only in Mozilla Firefox.
  2. In the Dashboard menu, click Plugins and then click DITA Open Toolkit.
  3. In the DITA-OT Plugins list, verify that these three plugins are installed.
    • com.jorsek.powerpoint

    • com.jorsek.intermediate

    • com.jorsek.slide-doctype

  4. Above the Scenarios list, click New.
  5. Type a name for the publishing scenario.
    This is the name you'll see in the Scenarios list once you've created it.
  6. In the toolkit list, select dita-ot-2.5.4.
  7. In the version list, select 2.x.
  8. Specify the build file to use to create the slides output.
    1. In the Select Ant File to Run area, click Change.
    2. In the Pick a File list, find and expand the com.jorsek.powerpoint plugin.
    3. In the plugin folder, select the build.xml file.
      The Pick a File list closes automatically when you select the file.
  9. Set the parameters for the publishing scenario.
    1. Click Add a Parameter.
    2. For the parameter name, type transtype.
    3. For the parameter type, select Simple String Value.
    4. For the value, type jskPowerpoint.
    5. Don't enable the User Settable option.
  10. Click Save.
    The screen refreshes and you'll see your new publishing scenario at the end of the list.