Publish the Map to Generate the Slide Deck

Publishing with Heretto CCMS is a quick and efficient process.

Once you have publishing scenarios created, you can associate them with maps to create output, in this case a PowerPoint slide deck.
  1. In the Content Library, click on a map, and in the right pane select Output and click Publish.
  2. In the Publish list, select the publishing scenario that you created for publishing slides.
  3. Type a description, leave the remaining settings at their default, and click Publish.
    The publishing starts and provides status messages. When the publishing process is complete, you'll see the completed job in the Finished list.
  4. You can open the new slide deck either by opening the publishing job or by downloading the new deck.
When you open the PowerPoint output for the first time, you may get warnings about the slide deck needing to be repaired. Click through the error messages; there's really nothing wrong with the slides. Be sure to save the repaired presentation somewhere on your local system.