Create PowerPoint-Ready Topics

The Publishing engine (DITA Open Toolkit) expects a specific topic format to generate PowerPoint slides from DITA topics.

Before you begin, we recommend establishing a naming convention for topics that you are going to use for slides. For example, prepend slides_ to each topic file name so you know exactly which topics are meant to be output as slides.
PowerPoint-ready topics are based on the generic topic information type. They also include specific metadata that ensure the Publishing engine can transform DITA XML into OOXML for PowerPoint.
Important: Create a topic for each slide that you need. You cannot combine or nest slide topics.
  1. In the Content Library, in the folder you created for the map, create a new folder for your topics and any media or images as needed.
    Tip: Follow your organization's information architecture for Heretto CCMS folder structure.
  2. Navigate to the topics folder, and click the Create New button.
  3. In the Topic Types list, select Topic.
    Important: The DITA to PowerPoint plugin requires that you only use the Topic template to create slide content.
  4. Type a name for the new topic, and click Create and Edit.
    The new topic opens.
  5. Expand the Attributes tab, on the right side of the Content Editor.
  6. In the Element list, select Topic.
  7. For the outputclass attribute, type the slide layout name you want to use for this content.
    example of outputclass for a slide template
    For a list of the default slide layouts and their names, see Default Slide Layouts Reference.
  8. Add your slide content, according to best practices for slides and presentations.
    Tip: The DITA to PowerPoint plugin automatically populates the slide regions and images for a given slide layout. You can see an example of all the default layouts by publishing the DITA to PowerPoint example map (dita-to-powerpoint-example.ditamap).