After you Publish the Slides

The slide deck that publishes from DITA topics needs a little cleanup to really be a valuable tool for a presentation.

Check that the text boxes are nicely aligned.

You may need to adjust the placement and width of text boxes on the slides so that they aren't overlapping.

Check that images and graphics are properly sized.

You may need to adjust the size and placement of images on the slides.

Add any references or links to charts, tables, or spreadsheets generated from other Microsoft applications.

If you used the chart or spreadsheet slide layout, you'll need to connect the slide to those objects from their respective Microsoft applications. You can also create these objects in the slides, as needed. Follow the guidance from Microsoft.

Delete the title slide that contains the map name.

The DITA to PowerPoint plugin automatically creates a slide that contains the name of the map. You don't need that slide for a presentation so it can be deleted. It's the first slide in the slide deck.

Check the rest of the slides to be sure the templates are properly applied.

If, in the remaining slides, you see any that have the green_title template applied, but should be a different template, that indicates that you probably mis-typed the template name for the outputclass attribute. To resolve quickly, just pick the correct slide layout in PowerPoint. To ensure you don't keep having this issue, be sure to check the outputclass attribute for the affected DITA file. Refer to Create PowerPoint-Ready Topics for a refresher.