DITA to PowerPoint: Overview

The DITA to PowerPoint plugin provides an option to create a Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck from DITA topics.

What the DITA to PowerPoint plugin does

The DITA to Microsoft PowerPoint plugin makes it possible to create presentations from DITA XML. This is because recent versions of Microsoft applications are based on XML. The plugin includes a default set of PowerPoint master layouts that cover a wide range of slide layouts.

Business benefits

Reusable content is everywhere. What is sometimes challenging is being able to reuse it. The DITA to PowerPoint plugin makes it easier to reuse slide content, in a sustainable and consistent manner.

The typical PowerPoint reuse scenario manifests as an enormous copy-and-paste exercise. Never mind what it takes to get a review or feedback in that paradigm. That's difficult to manage over time. With the DITA to PowerPoint plugin, you can reuse, rearrange, and create new presentations from a library of content and media, in a structured authoring environment. The plugin combines the advantages of a powerful presentation application with the advantages of a versatile content creation and publishing environment.


Creating Microsoft PowerPoint slides from DITA is an advanced functionality. Be aware of the following considerations before you start configuring the DITA to PowerPoint solution.
  • You should have access to the Microsoft PowerPoint application.

  • You should have familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint slide creation and master layouts. Any changes to slide appearance or layout are done in master layouts.

  • The map and topic format should be optimized for slide content. (In other words, not too much text!)

  • Only Heretto CCMS Administrators can create a publishing scenario for DITA to PowerPoint.

  • Only Administrators can modify the DITA to PowerPoint plugin.

  • It's helpful to have oXygen available if you want to modify the default DITA to PowerPoint plugin.

  • The plugin works in DITA-OT 2.5.4. You may need to install it if you do not already have this version in your Heretto CCMS instance.

  • Any modifications to the default plugin are not covered by Heretto CCMS Support.