Upload the Updated Plugin to Heretto CCMS

Ensure that the DITA-OT publishing engine can access the changes you made to the PowerPoint plugin.

Only Administrators can upload DITA-OT plugins.
Important: This process overwrites the original com.jorsek.powerpoint plugin. You can always reinstate the original by re-downloading it from Github. Refer to Upload the DITA to PowerPoint Plugins to Heretto CCMS for more information.
  1. Create a ZIP file of the updated plugin.
    Plugins must be ZIP files to be uploaded into Heretto CCMS.
    Important: Don't change the name of the plugin folder, com.jorsek.powerpoint.
  2. Open Heretto CCMS in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
    Note: The Plugins configuration is available only in Mozilla Firefox.
  3. In the Dashboard menu, click Plugins and then click DITA Open Toolkit.
  4. Above the Plugins list, click New.
  5. Browse to, and select, the updated plugin ZIP file.
  6. When you see the plugin listed, click Done.
    The updated plugin overwrites the original com.jorsek.powerpoint plugin with your changes.