Update the ppt-build.xml File to Use the New PowerPoint Template

The ppt-build.xml file contains the instructions that the plugin uses to process DITA content into PowerPoint slides, including applying the template you created.

Ensure the DITA to PowerPoint plugin is configured to apply the PowerPoint template you created.
  1. In oXygen, navigate to the unzipped com.jorsek.powerpoint plugin, and open the ppt-build.xml file.
  2. Locate the args.jsk.powerpoint.template property, near line 27 in the file.
  3. Copy the property, and paste it near the one you copied.
  4. In the value string, replace jorsek_deck_master.pptx with the file name of your slide template.
    Important: Be careful not to change anything else in the value string, including the trailing forward slash after the file name.
    template file update
  5. Save and close the file.