Create a New PowerPoint Template for the Plugin

The DITA to PowerPoint plugin uses a default template provided by Heretto. You can add your own template by creating one in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Create a PowerPoint template and modify it so you can use it in the Heretto DITA to PowerPoint plugin.
  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Create a new template based on one of the default themes.
    Note: If your organization already has a default PowerPoint template, you can start with that.
  3. Save the new template locally, as a *.pptx file.
    Be sure the new file name does not contain any white spaces.You can use either hyphen or underscore characters instead. For example, my_new_pptx_template.pptx.
  4. Update the template as needed.
    1. Change the layouts, colors, fonts as needed.
    2. Delete any layouts you won't use.
    3. Save any changes you make.
  5. When the template updates are complete, click View > Slide Master.
  6. In the Slide Master panel, select a slide template, and click Rename.
    Important: The very first layout in the Slide Master pane is the master for the theme; don't select that one! Start with the layouts immediately following the very first one.
    pptx slide master example
  7. In the Rename Layout box, type a layout name and click Rename.
    Use these conventions to rename the layouts to ensure that the DITA to PowerPoint plugin can use them.
    • Starts with a letter

    • Uses only lowercase letters

    • Contains no spaces (use hyphens or underscores)

    slide master layout name
  8. Repeat the previous step until you've renamed all of the layouts to match this convention.
    Tip: You can check that you've renamed a layout by hovering over it in the Slide Master panel. You'll see the slide name in the hover text.
    check slide master layout name
  9. Save your changes.
  10. Click Close Master.
  11. Click View > Notes Master.
    Important: Don't skip this step even if you don't use a separate notes layout. The plugin expects to find a notes master in the PowerPoint presentation. The build fails without it. Just opening this master is enough to create a notes master for this purpose.
  12. Make any adjustments to the notes layout, as needed.
  13. Save your changes and click Close Master.
You've created a PowerPoint template that you can use in the DITA to PowerPoint plugin. (Give yourself a little pat on the back!)